February 2015

We returned to craft club in January and have continued to make fantastic things using,felt,clay,glass paints,fabric pens on fabric to decorate cushions and bags. Mrs Lofts is making snakes with the children using recycled bottle tops, wire and clay. Mrs Ball has been helping the children to make pencil pot holders out of recycled cans and lolly sticks. (Useful and fun to make.)

The rag dolls are progressing well and we hope that soon all will have hair and clothes!

We have been very lucky that we have such wonderful helpers including Milly who comes from Bohunt and is helping the children with glass painting. Mrs Brown, Mrs Henderson, Mrs Prior, Mrs Lofts and Mrs Ball are all doing a fantastic job keeping the children busy with their crafts.

I will be away for a while but craft club will continue as usual with Mrs Brown in charge.

There will be many activities ongoing which I have prepared including our Easter competition. (by request)


December 2014

We have now finished Craft Club for 2014. We resume again in January 2015.
The Craft Club children have made some fantastic christmas cards which we hope you enjoy. The glass painting was exceptional and impressive to say the least. The iris folded cards were equally as good and very sparkly! Well done to you all.
Next year we will continue with our elephant making and fabric designing. The bottle top snakes are proving popular with the boys and we are looking forward to seeing the results.
We hope you all have a wonderful christmas and a happy and healthy new year.

13th October 2014

Now that we are well into Craft Club I can share what we are making with you.

The first day back we welcomed Mrs Ball, Mrs Prior and Mrs Lofts who have joined us this term. It is lovely to have such fantastic help and support. Mrs Brown and Mrs Henderson continue with their invaluable help and Mrs Callingham comes when she is able.

We are now well into making elephants, glass painting, fabric painted cushions, xmas calendar stockings, rag dolls and xmas related items. We hope to make bottle top snakes when we have enough tops for the number required to make them. (76 per snake!) The children have also decorated a scarf using felt flowers and buttons. Photo to follow when available.


23rd of June 2014

After a very busy but enjoyable year we have come to the final craft club session.

On Monday the 7th of July we will be holding our Presentation of Awards where we will be celebrating with the children and parents all our achievements of this year. (Tea and cake as usual!) We start at 3.30pm in the Junior School Hall.

A small display of the items the children have made will be on the balcony for that afternoon only. The sale of work will be on Wednesday the 9th of July in the hall or the spare classroom.

The year 6 children have made rag dolls and they are fantastic. A Karate and clown doll were the challenge this year!

We introduced a new skill, melting plastic to make book marks which proved popular.

All the children are to be congratulated on everything they have made from working with fabric paint on calico to glass painting. Well done to you all.

We look forward to starting again in September. Enjoy your summer break and good luck to all the 6 children as they venture into the next exciting phase of their lives.

March 2014

This term we have been very busy making aprons, felt owls, felt mice, looking at melting plastic to decorate a purse/bag, making mother’s day presents and looking forward to our Easter competition.

The children are continuing to make their rag dolls and are doing very well. They are at present  making their dolls clothing. Quite a challenge.( However I can see prospective “Sewing Bee” contestants in the making.)

The  other challenges will be, making and planning a shopping bag and using our embroidery skills to make a needle case.